Pout-a-licious! Meet my pout’s besties!

I thought it might be fun to do a post on my favourite lip products as it is coming into autumn and this is in my opinion an exciting time of year to experiment with lip colour!

my lip collection

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Pink.

This is my all-time favourite everyday lipstick!  It is the perfect natural lip for my skin tone (with is casper the friendly ghost white), the colour is a soft mate pink, it is like my natural lip colour but better. It is a colour you can wear all year round. The product goes on smoothly, it doesn’t dry out your lips and it stays put for hours. I have used this for years and I am not giving it up just yet. This is the lipstick that got me into lipsticks in the first place. And it cost €7.95 in boots, bargain!

vintage pink

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in Red Diva.

This was my first ever red lipstick that I owned (I tend to stick to things I like, its the whole ‘if its not broken don’t fix it’ mantra). The colour is a blue red and looks good with my pale skin and cool toned blonde hair. It’s a great red lipstick for the price as its under €10. I have used both Russian red and Ruby Woo from Mac and no word of a lie I rather my Rimmel Diva Red and you get more of the Rimmel product than the Mac product for a lot less money. I have checked this out and with the Rimmel you get 4g and with the Mac you get 3g. Like the above the texture of this is lovely, it glides on and stays put but of course as with most bright lips sticks if you drink or eat lots it will come off after a while.

diva redRevlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush (005)

This is a great colour, it is perfect for this time of year! As its a deep berry colour. This a stick/crayon and is very easy to use! Magically it never lands on my teeth and it stays on my lips all day (and that says a lot because I wear this to work). I pat this on my lip with my finger to create a lip stain before I put on a finial coat. Works a treat! And I can get away with not using a lip liner when I am putting it on. You should decently give it a try if you are looking for a deep berry lip colour. It is €10.99 on the boots web site.

revlon in crush

Mac lipstick in Snob

This lipstick is a result of my returning my Mac empties. I was very excited about getting my first Mac lipstick, but this colour was a rush decision and the girl in the shop could not have wanted to help me less (which is not usual for mac but its true in this case). She assured me that this colour would look good and I felt slightly embarrassed about returning my empties at that moment so I took the colour and went home. When I got home and I tried my lipstick I hated the colour. I felt so disappointed, it was so pale and it didn’t seem to suit me but I didn’t want to waste it so I tried it with some Vaseline on top and it looked fab. Now it is one of my firm favourites but I wont to this day won’t wear it on its own.


Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celastial

light piin

Celastial is a natural colour for day to day wear or for when you have a heavy eyeshadow look and you want a natural lip to balance it out.  The colour is alittle dark pink than my natural lip colour but it is just lovely! It is a great product, easy to use, slides on, stays on and the brush is the perfect shape for application. It isn’t glossy or sticky (I am not a fan of lips glosses), it is like a lipstick but in a liquid form. There is not to much I can say about this product other than I like it and it looks good. It is a good price at €7.95 on the boots web site.


Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Apocaliptic

This is a great hot pink liquid lipstick. I wanted a hot pink lip colour and this is a winner for me. This shade of pink suits my pale skin tone perfectly. It is again like the above in texture etc and I find that lip liner is not required due to the handy brush shape. I will however advise that you should check your teeth, as in the first couple of minutes this will rub on to them but once it dries your teeth will be safe! If you are looking to try out a hot pink I’d start with this before you buy anything to expensive.

hot pink

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 107 

I know I keep saying this alot in this post but since it is a blog on all of my favourite lip products I don’t think it is strange and that you might hope I would love the products I mention. So here you go…I love this lipstick! I love it so much. The colour is perfect, it is a deep berry/red colour. I look forward to wearing this in the autumn/winter. I will go out of my way to dress myself and style my hair to match this colour! The product is great, it is a matte colour I would however advise that if you have very dry lips you put some lip balm on while you do your foundation that way your lips will moisturised for the lipstick when you get to putting it on. You can wear this as a lip stain but I would recommend that you use a lip liner for this if you are wearing it on a night out. And be careful, if you make a mistake the colour is hard to get off around the lips when you are trying to fix a mistake. But it is just awesome, it is only €6.99 on the boots web site. I would say to you give this colour a go! (sorry for the picture)

kate 107

There you have it, they are all my favourite lip products! I hope you enjoy reading this and that if you are looking for a new lip product or colour this gives you some ideas.


Summer loving!

I thought I would do a very quick post about my current favourite summery nail polish! I am currently loving the Rimmel London 60 seconds nail polish in Rose Libertine (405).  




The Packaging:

Glass bottle with black lid.

The Product:

The nail polish has a nice consistency, it’s not to runny and easy to apply. It also dries nice and quickly. But not to quickly, I can still take my time putting it on.

How I feel about the Nail Polish:

I am a big fan of the Rimmel London 60 seconds nail polish. The price is right, it is easy to apply, dries quickly and the range of colours is perfect. I’m really loving my Rose Libertine for summer, I wear this non-stop at the moment and I get so many complements when I wear it! I would recommend that you it a go.

No Blushing at the price of this Blusher!

Today’s review is on a blusher! I am not the biggest user of blusher, but I attended the Beauty booth camp last November and there I learnt that if I wear a peach blusher it would cancel the redness I have in my cheeks! On the day I gave the peach bobby brown cream blusher a go and liked the results. Although the bobby brown blusher was lovely I really didn’t want to spend too much money on a blusher, because as I said above I won’t wear it every day.

However while on my lunch break one day I wandered into the chemist and had a little look at the Catrice (the chemist didn’t really have much makeup). I did a quick swatch of the Defining Blush and the pigment was nice so I bought it in ‘Love & Peach’. Here is how I got on!



The Packaging:

The packaging is clear plastic. It is small, skinny and light. Not really a whole lot I can say about it, but I do like it.


The Product:

This is a powder blush and is easy to apply. The swatch I did in the shop didn’t do this product justice, you get a lot of colour for a small amount of powder. It stays on all day and the colour doesn’t really seem to fade as the day goes on. The colour is very pretty and I have to say I do love it.


How I feel about the blusher:

I am going to recommend that if you are looking for a blusher to give this ago. I was really surprised at quality of the blusher for the €3.99 price.

I would say to you however that when you are applying it use a light hand or you will have loads of blusher on you cheeks (and rocking a nice 80’s look). You will not need to build the blusher up at all, in fact I would say you might end up having to reuse your foundation brush (if you use one) or a bit of concealer left over to blend it in. It might even be an idea to pat your brusher brush on the back of your hand before you apply (nice! some tips thrown in for free! lol)

My verdict:

Happyface says go for it!

July Monthly Dream Team!

Sorry for the lateness of the blog, I have been doing some wedding DIY the last month. But I didn’t want to miss this post, since I have been using some new things!

Here are the products in my makeup bag I used more than the rest the month of July! There are a couple new players*!

So this is my July monthly dream team post! Lets see who made the cut:

  • Revlon Colorstay in 110 Ivory (I have this for a while and would like to use it up)*
  • Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NW 15
  • Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless in Black
  • Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner in Black*
  • Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial*
  • Mac Paint pot in Groundwork
  • Wedge or Embark Mac shadow for my brows
  • Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner*
  • Revlon Color burst matte Balm in Elusive Insaisissable (205)*
  • The eyeshadow I have been wearing mostly is from Mac it is Blackberry (which is one of my all time fav’s but I don’t seem to hear of others using it). If you do let me know!
  • Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW15 (I tried out the Dove gradual tan and needed a darker foundation)*
  • Kiehl’s Actively Correcting Beautifying BB Cream in fair** (since it has been really sunny I wanted the high protection)*
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in Pink Gold*
  • Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze (for my tanned days)*
  • Nail polish of the month (wore it all month and nothing else) was Rimmel 60 Seconds in Rose Libertine*
  • Bodyshop Vitamin E eye cream*
  • Boday shop Stawberry Lip butter*
  • July monthly dream team

My Latest Bargain!!

Todays post about my new bargain!! Its not makeup, its not skin or hair care, it’s a dress! A lovely dress and for the very lovely price of €9.95 in H&M.

I am not a big fan of summer and I don’t have many items of summer clothing. I was running out of light clothes to wear because its been so hot lately so on the way home from work during the week I called into H&M. I wasn’t looking for anything to fancy just a plain light dress but I wanted something that was cute and easy to style too. I found this dress and thought it might work so I bought it without even trying it on (for shame I know).

I am so happy with my new dress, it fits me perfectly, the shape is very flattering and its better than I expected for the price. I thought I would share my bargain with you, just in case you are in the market for a light, pretty dress at a good price, without having to sacrifice you style.

So here is my new summer dress and how I will be wearing it this summer!

For a night out or for dinner

H&M dress for night out

For the day time

H&M dress for day time


Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a good weekend!

Monthly Dream Team

This is hopefully the start of a new monthly post type. Like most ladies makeup wise I have the same favourites and new additions which seem to change each month or so and I thought I would let you know what products in my makeup bag I used more than the rest the past month!

Junes Deam Team

So this is my first monthly dream team post! Lets see who made the cut:

  • M&S Illuminating Touch Radiance Foundation
  • Revlon Photoready in Pink Light –  (I mix this in with my foundation, the finish is lovely)
  • Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NW 15
  • Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless in Extreme Black
  • Gosh Eye liner in Black
  • Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Pink -(this is one of my all time favourites, it is the prefect pink nude for me)

vintage pink

  • Mac Paint pot in Groundwork – (this is a link brown, a good colour or base)

Paint pot

  • Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde
  • Clinique bottom lash mascara in Black
  • Bourjois Liner Feutre in Black
  • Rimmel Apocalips in Apocaliptic – (this is a lovely hot pink)

Hot pink

  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 005 Crush Beguin – (this is a deep red berry colour)

deep berry

  • I have been wearing different eye shadows, so I will leave these out but they are all Mac.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post!


Marks and Spencer’s for foundation?…..Surely not!?

Yes! Absolutely, yes! I didn’t go into Marks and Spencer’s with the aim to buy makeup, I was in with my sisters who were in Dublin for the day and buying their M&S cookies.  So while they were buying their cookies I thought I’d have a look around their beauty section. I had heard great things about their skin care range, but the shop had a few makeup stalls and they called to me. I was curious about their prices, but then I noticed their foundations, they had lovely pale shades (which are hard to come by). I did my little test swatch and it matched perfectly! It cost €17.00, so we went home together.

What I also noticed while I was looking at the makeup is that they also had another lovely foundation called, Smooth Matt Mousse Foundation, it had the same pale shades and it only costs €13.00! (so reasonable!). The colour was pale but not yellow, it had a cream texture and was full coverage. Because my skin is dehydrated I thought I would try the more fluid sheer foundation so I left it behind.

I walked away from Marks and Spencer’s with Illuminating Touch Radiance Foundation, in shade Ivory. Here is how I got on:



It cost €17.00 for 35ml.

The Packaging:

The packaging is lovely, very classy, not in your face (I have had ladies in the bathroom/powder room ask what brand the foundation was). The size is great, you can pop it in your handbag and it takes up hardly any space, it is plastic so it’s not heavy or bulky. The lid is great (which sounds ridiculous) but it is a squeeze top so once you have put the foundation on the back of your hand there is no makeup left around the edges. So it is nice and tidy.

The Product:

This product is lovely, it is very fluid, sheer and light weight. It is easy to put on and blends in like a dream, while the coverage is light. If you have redness that you want to cover then you will need a concealer. If you have freckles and you don’t want them covered then this will be for you. The foundation also photographs well, there is no flash back.

How I feel about the foundation:

I was very excited when I found this foundation because of the shade and the price. But then I started to wear it and was both surprised and delighted with this product. My skin feels so soft when I have it on, I currently have dehydrated skin so normally as the day goes on my foundation becomes patchy above the nose and on my cheeks but this does not happen with this foundation. When I have it on it looks like I have no foundation on, I look well rested and glowing. I have also been getting complements about how well my skin looks. I have never looked this good with any other foundation before.

My verdict:

Happyface says go for it! This is an all-around winner for me! I am so happy I have finally found a foundation that stays on my dehydrated skin, while being a perfect shade for me and making my skin feel soft and light.

This is now my official foundation, we will be sticking together.